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21 April 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Some Education =|  
so so sooo many people are going to disagree with me,
but wtf is this "bulimic with anorexic tendencies" & vice versa shit

ive never heard of any crap like that until i started talking online to other people with EDs and ive noticed that the whole "w/ bulimic/anorexic tendencies" is some shit they tacked on themselves

while in recovery i was reading so many books to understand my disorder and the criterias and what not and it described the diagnosis process... (the only title i can remember is "Binge No More")
when a person appears to be anorexic, but binges and purges, believe it or not they still gets the diagnosis of bulimia; the scenario they gave was a girl with a bmi of an anorexic, missing period, etc. but has the binge/purge syndrome.

and also, too many people do not know that starvation is apart of bulimia. tooooo many people think that because someone starves theyre automatically anorexic.
starving is a compensatory act just like vomiting, using laxatives, or over exercising.

so um, if your on here diagnosing yourself, please stop =|
if you're diagnosed as a bulimic, and fast, you're still a bulimic...
theres no special tendency on the side lmao

nobody wants to openly say this, but i will
if you are bulimic...you dont have to make yourself appear like your anorexic  too so they dont think your a fatass. your disorder is different.
bulimia isnt an anorexia fail.
dont get me wrong, im friends with & get support from many anorexic girls, but i wish bulimics would stop coveting anorexia.
no eating disorder is better than the other.

so, i kind of hope that made some of the girls i talk to on here feel better
your not lower than anyone :)
thinmusyckthinmusyck on April 22nd, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
hmmm. my therapist has told me that she only believes there is only one disorder honestly. whether anorexia, bulimia or c.o.e.d;they all share very similar tendencies. they all have a distorted view of food and ultimately they each lead to death. lol
(thats not funny, sorry)
like you said bulimics starve, c.o.e.d will also, and there are anorexics who may not b/p so regular that they can be classified as bulimic or something.lol
i really appreciate the line "no eating disorder is better than the other." but of course it is easier said than done/or to truely embrace for most.
ciao bella
xo_mini_moxo_mini_mo on April 22nd, 2010 05:44 pm (UTC)
thats a really good point that your therapist made, and i agree
and lol its alright, i have a good sense of humor. it isnt funny...but they do lol

it just bothers me when people give themselves that ..."diagnosis"
i started noticing the trend of girls saying that on myspace, then everyone was saying it. EVERY one who was a bulimic (the diagnosis the doctor gave them)changed it to bulimic with anorexic tendencies (what they thought looked better, i guess).
it made me so mad.
girls i know that arent in the "ED online world" that i talked about it with & showed were like "wtf? :|" just like me, because 1)some were bulimics trying to look more anorexic, like they were ashamed or embarrassed or something and 2)there isnt a special tendency on the side, your disorder is taylored to who you are, and these girls diagnosing themselves i guess dont know that whether they starve or b/p... they think those actions are super unusual for their disorder, when it really isnt because exactly like you said they all have similar tendencies.

and i know there are some anorexics that b/p but not regularly, i was just talking about that scenario i read lol

thanks for your input !